fleshlight canada

Hi I’m Mike and I’m from Canada, I used to fuck my fleshlight every day. But lately I got my salary sending on paypal and I had a problem how to Order Fleshlight by Paypal in Canada. I was searching the Internet for some efficient solution and suddenly, I found It. There’s an additional tricky payment method using “money order” with paypal. To Order Fleshlight by Paypal in Canada all you need to do read these short guide carefully.

fleshlight paypal in canada

First Click the upper banner and pick everything what you need to have a terrific fleshlight fun, all your fleshlight sex stuff that you want to Order Fleshlight by Paypal in Canada. Add your items to the shopping cart. Than you need to select “checkout”, and after that select “Money Order” for your payment option. After completing your order, you will get an order number. This order number from Fleshlight.com, you need to put into notes with your PayPal payment. And Finally just send all your PayPal payment at one time to “aim.payment[at]gmail.com” – is is an address of fleshlight.com employee. E’Voila – Finito, Finish, you’ve just completed Paying for Fleshlight Paypal in Canada. Simple…isn’t it? I found this method of buying Fleshlight by Paypal on official fleshlight forum, and it was approved by many users, so don’t be afraid using it.So now I’m buying new sleeves only by using my paypal account. I live in Canada and it is no problem to pay Fleshlight Paypal in Canada.